My mission for the next 4 weeks...YES you read it right, is to take one for the team (I'm such a team player) and find the best donuts Southern California has to offer!  Your mission is to (Yes, I'm talking to you my donut aficionados) is to send me your favorite donut spot so we as a team can show our favorite pastime some love. 

Ok...sooooooo...I've given you donut lovers a head start. Yesterday I had the pleasure of feasting on some delectables from Fantastic Donuts in Koreatown.  WARNING: Photos may cause inability to glaze at screen for long periods of time.

Rule # 1: Only eat cereal with your donuts. It's just the right thing to do
Rule #2: Order from each case, starting with the muffins, twists, bars and jellied filled first
CHECKPOINT: Are you guys still with me? If so, place tongue back in mouth and back slowly away from screen.

Rule #3: Move slightly to the left and sneak in a few bear claws, apple fritters, jam filled croissants into that beautiful pink box.  If there's room, add 2-3 donuts holes to balance the weight of the box.
Rule #4: Shift to your right ...order a dozen and just let loose--  by ordering another dozen,YES ANOTHER DOZEN of donuts with toppings (i.e., cereal, marshmallows, almonds, cinnamon and yummy good crumbly stuff)
Rule #5: DRIVE AWAY AND SNARF LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW. (Yep, just yelled out everything you just read in caps).

Now if you're anything like me, you'll casually drive back (in a different outfit with sunglasses) and order an iced coffee and 2 fruit loop topped donuts.

NOTICE: This has been a public service announcement for 
Fantastic Donuts at 1101 S. Vermont Street, Los Angeles, CA  90006   Instagram: @FantasticDonuts